Why Direct Sourcing?

Direct Sourcing is a business philosophy: we build transparent, optimized and sustainable bridges to help growers export its produce directly.

Our service adds value to agriculture because we make growers:
- safe time & sell directly
- improve relationships
- increase the commercial & sourcing network
- reduce risks
- save the cultural and language gap


Our company was born in 2018 with a strong focus on exporting organic products from our region, Andalusia, to the rest of Europe.

At present, we have also developed a network of partners for the import of European products into Spain.

We have also developed an stable supply of raw material to  processing companies.


Help our partners to identify and boost their potential, save time for them and reduce the risks associated to international businesses. We take into account sustainability and community welfare and promote a network of companies that share our values.


Our vision is to contribute to reversing climate change by transforming agriculture into a key economic sector that incorporates regenerative, sustainable and circular practices. Promoting population settlement and the development of economic activities in rural areas as essential elements of resilience to the climate crisis.


Sustainability, transparency, efficiency, innovation, communication.


We are focused on the export of early spring carrots to Europe. April to June is our high season; carrots, onions, leeks, red beets, potatoes, etc.

During Autumn and Winter we focuse on sweet potatoes, butternut squash and tropicals.

Raw material for processing industries is an stable year-round supply in Spain.

Organic Carrots / Conventional Carrots / Snack Carrots / Sort out Carrots (processing) / Bunched Carrots


Quality control is one of our strengths. We keep close contact with our suppliers and visit them on a regular basis. Being present and reducing risks is a key element of our concept:
Loads control, field assessment, sampling, analysing, documentation and seasonal planning.

We are Organic and Global Gap certified. Our providers also comply with several other certifications such as:
IFS, BRC, GRASP, QS, Demeter, etc.



We plant trees in order to reduce the CO2 footprint of the exports. For every full truck load that crosses a border, we plant a TREE.

During last years, we have supported the plantation of trees and conservation of the burnt natural protected area Valle De Iruelas. During 2023 we also supported the Navalacruz reforestation project. Both in Ávila, next projects are planned to be located in Andalucia, our main sourcing region. Up to date, we have offset more than 100 tonnes of CO2.

In addition:

Logistics – geographical matrix intense use in order to reduce petrol consumption and CO2 emissions.
Our commitment extends to our office practices:
– More digital means almost no use of paper.
– Organic loose traditional filtered coffee
– No use of “1-single use” recipients.

We help achieving and promoting the 2030 Agenda and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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